We all care about how we look from the outside. Our skin especially our face form the basis of our external appearance and because of that the perfection of our skin is very important for our appearance. For this reason, if your skin looks perfect and healthy, you will create a good ‘’ first impression’. Just because of this smooth skin is the common dream of everyone.

With just a few small steps and simple treatments  through the day, you can make your skin looks smoother and shiny. It is possible to take simple precautions by drinking plenty of water in your daily routine, moisturizing your skin, making regular make-up cleanliness, and taking care of regular sleeping.

Skin Cleansing- Cleansing is the first step and it is absolutely essential for healthy glowing and smooth skin. If an incorrect cleansing skin  covers with an unwanted layer, it will cause both black spots and acne.

Moisturizing your skin- The next step after the necessitative skin cleansing is regularly moisturizing your skin . Moisture loss of skin( or if the skin is already poor in moisture), will accentuate the rough skin appearance and wrinkles and make a smooth appearance impossible.

If you want to prevent all of them it is essential to moisturizing your skin regularly . Protein and plant extract products will moisturize the skin throughout the day and form a protective layer on the skin surface.

Priority of cold water- Cold application is beneficial not only for the face but for all of the skin. Applying cold water providing: physical vitality, having bigger boobs, having positive effects such as relieving swollen feet etc. Also it helps the skin look smooth. Cold water does not only provide visible skin cleansing, but also eliminates the stress ,which destroys the smooth appearance of the skin, of  people who  work in closed areas such as office.

Regular sleep- If you want to have a flawless appearance one of the most important elements that the smooth skin needs is to reach enough food.  The food that our skin needs is a regular “sleep”. people who do not sleep adequately have problems and their  restlessness is  seen by their eyes and tired looking of their skin.

Remember that growth hormone is not only necessary for children, but also for adults. Our cell renewal is provided by this growth hormone.In a sense, sleeping at reasonable time is synonymous with beauty sleep.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is a type of vitamin that is useful at every stage of skin care . It has a nourishing, structuring and restorative properties including under-eye care and for smooth skin should be applied either directly to the skin or by using creams with E Vitamin.

Exercise- Facial exercise is a very effective method for skin beauty and smooth appearance. Especially the movements to develop facial muscles are very limited.

One of the most common methods is: After closing your mouth, pull the cheeks inward and with the help of fingers make massage and pull the cheeks laterally. With this movement, the skin cells will be alerted and activated. As a result, you will have a more radiant skin.

Orange light- If you can not reach a smooth skin with natural methods, you should try an orange light method. Thanks to this method which removes the dead skin and puts a shine in it, you can get smooth skin. Color light therapy is a service that is provided in beauty salons.

What is color light therapy?

Color light therapy is a fairly new method that is used for a skin care. This method, known as “LED therapy”, removes skin flaws and offers you a smooth skin.

Blue Light Therapy: This  method is very effective for the treatment of acne in the skin. If this method is applied properly in accordance with the rules, at the end it will give you a  satisfaction guarantee.

Red Light Therapy:  This is a wave that reaches deeper than the blue light. It is used with blue light in the treatment of mild acne. It has been proven to be effective in wrinkles, fine lines and stains that have emerged with old age.

Orange Light Therapy: This method helps the skin to regain its original vitality, which has lost its natural color because of a variety reasons. It is also effective for the easy retrieval of blue oxygen by the skin.

Yellow Light Therapy: It is a method that accelerates blood circulation. It is especially used in the healing of wounds after surgery and in muscle-joint pain.

Nutrition- A healthy skin is relevant with right nutrition. It is necessary to feed rich with vitamins, minerals and beneficial oils which are necessary for the skin, and to stay away  from harmful oils, excess sugar.

You can get a smooth skin by eating vegetables and fruits. Processed foods like  poultry, sausages, such as harmful delicatessen products, chips, fries and chocolate causing black spots and acne on the skin. They  also bring up the toxic nutrition at the same time. The result is a matte, problematic and aged skin.

Water- Not only for your skin to look perfect, but for every cell  of you, water has vital value. Knowing this and drinking plenty of water will add countless things to you.Drinking water every hour and evenly throughout the day means that your skin will   supply the deficiency  about moisture for 24 hours. Sufficient nourishing skin provides a shiny appearance.

Natural masks for smooth skin

Sea salt

Sea salt is the most natural peeling feature that can be applied to the skin. At the same time, it is another plus that the effect has shown in a short time. Thanks to the sea salt, dead cells on the skin are thrown away, new  skin is provided and the skin is allowed to breathe through open pores.The result is a healthy glowing, smooth skin.

Using sea salt on the skin: When you use sea salt for your face, you need to know that you only need sea salt and it is a very practical treatment. Take the sea salt and apply it to your skin that you have slightly soaked and try to arouse your skin slowly with massage movements.

After 5 minutes, wash your face with cold water. Take care to apply it regularly once a week to fully see its effect.

Honey mask

The most popular mask for smooth skin is honey mask. It helps to make the skin soft by giving the skin the moisture that it needs.

Cover the face with a towel that you have put in a hot water to open the pores of the skin for 10 minutes before applying the mask. Then put your organic honey, that is in a bowl, to your face equally and wait for half an hour. Finally, clean your face with cold water to reduce the pores again.

Yogurt Mask 

Another favorite mask for a beautiful  skin is the yogurt mask. This mask is good  for softening and moisturizing the skin and this is  easy to implement. You need 2 teaspoons yogurt and 3 tablespoons orange juice to prepare the mask.

After mixing the two materials, apply the mixture to your face with your fingers or with a piece of cotton and leave for 10 minutes. Finally wash your face with warm water.



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