In this article we will explain to you how to resist and fight against allergies by natural ways. Don’t forget that consumption of the following foods may trigger allergies. People with allergic predisposition should be careful in consuming these foods.

-Tomato, Coffee, Egg yolk, Excessive sweet consumption, Caffeinated beverages, More than two cups of black tea a day, Beverages and candies with colorant material, Fries (meat or vegetable), Oily fish, Hazelnut, Walnut.

  • The chemicals mixed into the air of living environment which are evaporate from the cleaning materials used at home, parquets, oil paintings and furniture are the poisons that return through to human respiration. For this reason, we frequently ventilate the environments we live in. We need to ventilate air especially on cleaning days.
  • Gaining and losing weight is the most harmful way to damaging the organs. The person who begins to lose weight is firstly burn fat. As the person begins to weaken, the poisonous chemicals stored in the oil will be released. It will spread to the organs of the whole body through the blood circulation. So poisonous chemicals stored and waiting in the fat tissue, will act and cause different diseases by negatively affecting the blood cells from one side and the organs from the other side.
  • We need to note that the cabbages to be used before applying the toxin throwing cure are not a ‘culture cabbage’. Cultural cabbages in soccer ball size are not suitable for this purpose. The correct white cabbage is the big cabbage grown in the field. Especially the outermost leaves are best suited for the purpose. We need to wash the outer shells with water before use.
  • Sauna is effective in throwing toxins from the body. The sauna taken at seventy degrees centigrade is the best temperature for throwing toxins from the body. You should consult your doctor before taking the sauna bath and you will have to act accordingly. Do not take a sauna bath without consulting a doctor.
  • Turkish baths are more effective for the throwing toxins from the body than saunas.
  • When you take the sauna and even the baths you need to drinking mineral water and taking extra C-vitamins. These ingredients will be supportive to throwing toxins from the body.
  • We recommend two different treatments to make your body resistant to allergies. One of them is carob, the other is nettle tea. Both implementations are given below. These cures should not be applied at the same time. You need to take a week break when you complete one cycle and pass to the other. This is the most accurate application.

Cure 1: White cabbage and toxin throwing cure

Add six or seven white cabbage leaves without shredding to half liter boiling water. Then continue to boil with closed cover for 10 minutes on low heat. You will drink in the morning and evening on empty or full stomach in a water cup. The application of this program is 15 days. After every five days you should take three days off. In short:

3 x 5 days apply + 3 days off

5 days apply + 3 days off, 5 days apply + 3 days off, 5 days apply + 3 days off = total 15 days. It is best to apply this toxin throwing cure three or four times a year. After the second or third day of applying this cure, you will see that your body is sweating by oiling and especially you are sweating with fatty oil in your face.

Note: You should prepare this cure fresh every day.

Cure 2: Resistance to allergy with nettle: 

Add one dessert spoon of nettle to 150 ml of boiling water. Then boil in a closed cover for 3 minutes on low heat and leave to cool. After cooling is up you should definitely separate the plants by filtering. You will drink in the morning and evening on empty stomach in a water cup.

After drinking on an empty stomach you should to wait for twenty minutes and then you can start to eat dinner. This cure is applied twice a day for fifteen days. You can repeat it two or three times a year. Dried or fresh nettles can be used for this cure.

Attention: Hypoglycemia patients should never apply nettles without consulting their doctors and we suggest that they should not consume nettle soup or salads.

Attention: Those who complain about platelet loss (thrombolytic) should not apply the nettle cure.

Cure 3: Resistance to allergy with carob:

First, wash six to seven of medium sized carob in cold water. Then break them into small pieces (three to four cm in length) and throw to half liter boiling water. Boil for seven or eight minutes at low heat. After cooling fill water to glass bottles. You can drink every day during the morning breakfast and before dinner in a tea cup. About half liter of boiled water for your carob can be preserved in the refrigerator for three days without deterioration. Every three days you will need to prepare fresh. Apply this cure one month without any breaks. It can be repeated two to three times a year.

Cure 4: Resistance to allergy with black seeded raisins:

If you want to give your body resistance against allergy, crush seeds of twenty five black raisins and consume twice a day for five consecutive days on an empty stomach by chewing without waiting. It is necessary to perceive the bitter taste while consuming the grape’s kernel. If you do not perceive the bitter taste, it is either stale or the wrong kind of grape.

Note: If you have medications given by your doctor, be sure to use them. Use this practice as a supporter.


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