You cough continuously when your lungs have an infection. This is the answer given by the body to remove the mucus that can block the airways. If the cough gets dry cough within a few days and if it does not pass, something is not going well. These are the symptoms you should not neglect and keep in mind otherwise your health can be compromised. If the symptoms persist when you apply these home-made natural remedies that we recommend, it is very important that you go to your doctor as soon as possible.

What are the causes of coughing?

There are many things that can cause dry cough.You have had a severe cold and the cough has not passed. If you have a severe cold or exposure to an irritant such as cigarette can be the cause of dry cough. Other causes include allergies, asthma, drugs used for blood pressure or the fact that the air in bedrooms is too dry. Gastric reflux can also cause a dry cough.

You can drink hot drinks

The reason for your coughing is that your throat is irritated. The best way to solve this problem is to drink hot drinks. Soup, ginger, lemon or mint tea is the most effective way to solve this kind of problem because it opens your breathing paths and helps to remove the mucus. You should drink plenty of water and it is also a good idea to take a hot shower before going to bed.


Chop one onion and add two tablespoons of honey. Wait half an hour to remove the whole essence of the onion. You can drink several times a day like syrup. Although not very tasty, it is very effective to fight with dry cough and other symptoms of flu


Gargle with salt

Add one soup spoonful of salt to half glass of warm water. Making gargle with this mixture in your mouth is very effective against dry coughing. It is a cheap and effective recipe that you can easily prepare at home. You can apply it several times a day.



Grape enhances the power of your lungs and is a very effective phlegm remover. If you consume grapes for a few days you will see difference. You can also take the grape juice and sweeten it with honey and drink it several times a day. Grape is very effective to solve dry cough and it is delicious at the same time.


Almond is a perfect homemade medicine to get rid of and treat bad dry cough. It is very easy to prepare this simple drug. Take six almonds and stand in the water overnight. The next day peel and crush the almond shells into turning to putty. Then add 20 gram of butter and 20 gram of sugar and mix these ingredients well. When mixing is completed consume one teaspoon of mixture twice a day for at least three days.


Remember, you should not apply all of these together. Start with one of them and if it does not work, try another until you find you right choice. If all these treatments do not go through dry cough at home, you should definitely see your doctor because it could be a much more serious problem.


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