Detox is a method to free from toxins that accumulate in our body and we can say that the easiest way to get rid of harmful substances is detox diet.

Those who practice the detox diet may often feel the regeneration in their body in a short period of time. Firstly, we can say that the detox diet is different from other diets for weight loss and is not just a diet intended for weight loss. Detox diet literally means a purification process.

If you want to clean your body completely and make a fresh start, the method you are looking for may be detoxification.

Another important feature that distinguishes the detox diet from other diets is that it is not applied for a long time. It is a diet that is recommended to be put in practice every month (2-3 days). If you repeat it in regular periods, both physically and  spiritually  you will obtain very positive results. However, in this period of 2-3 days of the detox diet, you must pay  attention to your daily life. You should stay away from many negative influences like stress, insomnia, alcohol, smoking etc.

What should we consume on a detox diet?

The detox diet should consist entirely from natural foods. I mean, seasonal greens and vegetables must be an important part of the detox diet. During the diet, you absolutely should stay away from food of animal origin  and consume fluid as much as possible.

Detox water, detox tea, detox soup, etc, will ensure the successful end up of the diet.

Example for Detox Diet:


  • A warm glass of water. If you desire, you can add honey.
  • Muesli or warm green apple compost.


  • A salad with plenty of greens. Tomatoes will not be used.
  • A bowl of lean yogurt, low sugar seasonal fruits


  • Vegetable or vegetable soup with olive oil.

 During the day you should pay attention for:

  • You can consume one of the low sugary seasonal fruits before you go to bed.
  • During the day you must consume teeming fluids for example like plant tea.


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