Green tea, black tea and oolong tea are produced from the same plant. Experts always tell us about green tea’s benefits, but the reason of not talking about black tea so often is the way that tea leaves are handled. The method used when producing black tea is significantly reducing the nutritive properties of black tea because it causes more oxidation of the leaves compared to the method used for green tea production. Green tea leaves protect antioxidant properties in a big way because they are less processed. For this reason, the benefits of green tea are more prominent.

After a brief introduction about the difference between black and green tea even they are produced from the same plant, let me try to answer our main question.

green tea and black tea leaves

Does green tea helps for losing weight ?

In last 2-3 years we have all heard how famous people are claiming that they have lost weight by drinking 2-3 cups  of green tea in a day.  But i can say that losing weight by only drinking green tea is impossible.

Think about it; Let’s say that your metabolism needs 2000 calories every day and you take that 2000 calories from the drinks and food you consume calories day by day. In this case, whether you drink green tea or not, your weight will remain constant. To lose weight, you have to decrease this 2000 calorie between 1600-1700. Moreover, you should get fewer calories than you are burning, for at least 2-3 months in order to lose weight. Of course, if you increase the burned calories with  regular exercises with a shorter period, you can give a healthy weight loss.

So isn’t there any benefit of drinking green tea for losing weight ?

Of course there is. If you combine a diet that you will be able to control the calories you will get with regular exercises, green tea can help you in suppressing appetite, burning fat and providing the minerals needed by your body.

So many scientific researches show that polyphenols, a herbal component that gives antioxidant properties to the green tea , are also accelerating the burning of fat.

A study case, involving 35 Japanese men with the same body mass index (BMI) and the same waist circumference, proves that those who regularly consumed catechins (green tea extract and oolong tea) for 3 months had more weight loss ( 1-2.5 kg ) than those who haven’t consumed green tea. Of course, all those who participated in the research consumed the same food every day.


As a result, if you are on a healthy diet and you are exercising, you can consume green tea to burn your body’s fat faster. However, if you continue living a still life which will make you remain on same weight or even gain weight, green tea will not be beneficial for you.

Warning, attention !

Green tea contains caffeine and you should not drink green tea if you have a condition that you should not consume caffeine (like pregnancy). If you use medicines regularly, you should ask your doctor  if consuming green tea will create a side effect for you.


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